Other Specialised Products

Safe Load Indicators / LMI:
We Provide Safe Load Indicator / Load Moment Indicator System for all the Mobile cranes

Brand: PAT –Kruger

PAT Kruger safe load indicator

safe load indicator
load moment indicator system
mobile crane safe load indicator
mobile crane LMI system

Wire Ropes:

We provide all types of specializes Wire ropes for all types of mobile cranes, bet it Rotating or Non Rotating, we provide the following Brand of Wire ropes.

• Usha Martin wire ropes • CASAR wire ropes • Bridon wire ropes • DSR wire ropes

usha-martin wire ropes
casar wire ropes
bridon wire ropes
dsr wire ropes

mobile crane wire ropes
rotating wire ropes
non rotating wire ropes
mobile crane rope

OTR & Radial Tyres:

We provide OTR & Radial tyres for all Construction Equipment Usage.

 ATG Tyres

Self Starter, Alternator:

We provide electrical parts like Self Starter, Alternator for the following brands.

• Bosch • Lucas • Sawafuji • Nikko • Delco Remy

goodyear construction equipment tyres
ceat construction equipment tyres
continental construction equipment tyres
bkt construction equipment tyres
bkt construction equipment tyres

bosch alternatorbosch self starterlucas alternator
delco remy alternator